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Monday To Friday
6AM / 9AM

Hey, we\\\'re not fooling anyone here - we\\\'re lucky to be working at all!† After what happened between Kat and our last boss...† Doctors say they\\\'ll grow back for the most part.† Honestly, we answer the phone, tell 3 fart jokes and play some pretty cool music.† PLEASE reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook - we love it when you digitally stalk us!††CALL THE SHOW!† Yes, we actually take phone calls - our show is all about YOU! We\\\'re gonna have fun everyday and chat about the things going on in your life - and if we don\\\'t, it\\\'s because it\\\'s JJ\\\'s time of the month :lol: We\\\'re VERY EXCITED to be waking up Montreal on 94-7 HITS FM!!!! Kat & JJ - THE 94-7 HITS FM Playhouse

Monday To Friday
9am / 1pm

Listen to Billy Teed mid mornings, Monday-Friday from 9 am - 1 pm!

Monday To Friday
4pm / 8pm

Java Joel got his radio name will doing the midday shift at the old Mix 96 (WVNC). Joel grew up in far upstate NY listening to legendary Montreal radio personalities like Terry Dimonte. He\\\'s been doing radio since he was 17 years old. He\\\'s a self professed \\\"radio/music geek\\\". You can listen to him weekday afternoons from 2pm to 7pm on 94-7 Hits FM. Get at him on Twitter: Facebook:

Monday To Friday
8 PM / 12 AM

In the words of the great Canadian poet William Drakespeare, I started from the bottom and now Iím here. Of course, the Ďhereí refers to the night show, and the bottom refers to my days as an intern on the Hitsquad when I was tasked with gently patting down Javaís forehead sweat and picking up after JJ and his morning sunflower seed feast. I was born and raised in the burbs of Montreal. Love the diverse culture of MTL. Iím a huge homer when it comes to the Habs, Impact, and Als. I started at Hits FM in 2007 as a member of the Hitsquad and have been working my way up the food chain ever since. Besides doing my on air thing, Iím also the Promotions Coordinator here at the station. So if you havenít seen me out there already, you probably will. Pop by and say hi, Iím the tall guy with features that bear a striking resemblance to a DiCaprio/Kutcher/Pitt/Clooney/Tattum hybrid. I get that a lot. Some guy also told me I look like Jim Halpertís gangly younger brother, which was weird. SEE YOU TONIGHT!

Saturday To Sunday

Itís all about the music. I grew up listening to everything from Bob Dylan to Nat King Cole to blowing out my first guitar amp with Blink 182. I think music hits people in a place words alone canít. Music means something different to everyone, yet we can all come together to enjoy it. Iím Dexter, 7pm-midnight! Yes, itís late, but if the studioís a rockin, donít come a knockin! Wait, that doesnít make sense. Anyways, anything you want to hear or chat about, is the e-mail, and Iím always chatting on Iíll also be keeping a daily blog, so any topics, suggestions, or just anything in general, you know where to find me! So I thought it would be fun to have some friends from facebook ask me anything they wanted, knowing it would be posted. Here are some of my favorites: Andy D***- Why does the buttered side of the toast always land on the floor?† Answer- Simple physics my dear AndyÖ No, Iím kidding. I have no idea why. The buttered side is heaver?? Ryan S******- Why doesn\'t cable TV show anything good?† Answer- Apparently, youíve never heard of a little show called ĎCelebridate!í Christina P*****- Why do some people type \"cool\" as \"kewl?\"† Answer- Cause some people think itís kewl. Which it isÖ. And Finally† Samantha T**- Why can I never find my book after setting it down for twenty seconds?† Answer- Who cares? Just rent the DVD!

Sunday To Sunday
7PM / 11PM

Combine Hollywood\'s hottest host with America\'s longest running weekend countdown and you\'ve got a ratings explosion called American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest.† Every week, from the heart of the music business in Hollywood, Ryan counts down from Number 40 to the hottest hit song in America. Between the music, listeners take advantage of Ryan Seacrest\'s insider access to the superstars of music and entertainment, with news and gossip you\'ll hear nowhere else. Recent guests include: Madonna, Jamie Foxx, Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Shakira and Rob Thomas!

Saturday To Saturday
8PM / 11PM

The Baka Boyz first made their mark in Los Angeles radio in 1992 at† with their creation of Friday Nite Flavas. Since that time they have continued to influentially impact the hip hop music industry. Their raw talent and passion for originality gave birth this live club mix. Sponsorship includes open/closing credits and a thirty second commercial per hour of the show.

Monday To Friday
6AM-9AM / 4PM-6PM

Iíve been in radio since 1989! Worked in Sherbrooke, Cornwall and then CHOM 97.7 for 10 years Been on this ride (94.7 Hits FM) now for 9 fun years Drums, Hockey and being in Radio keep me going Nothing like a nice cold beer around the pool in the desert. Homer and Peter could run a countryÖ

Sunday To Sunday
4PM / 7PM

Countdown the nation\'s most requested songs with MTV\'s TRL Weekend Countdown hosted by Quddus. Check out the MTV website at About Quddus Quddus, MTV\'s newest talent, is host of MTV\'s TRL Weekend Countdown. A 20-year-old native of Toronto, Canada he began his career in broadcasting as the host of Breakdown, a radio show for CHUO 89.1 FM. Soon after, his dedication and passion for music helped him get selected as a finalist in the 2000 Muchmusic VJ Search. That launched him into the role as co-host of VOX, a popular youth pop culture show in his Canadian home.   Now Quddus, which means \"Man of Peace\" or \"Holy Man\" in Aramaic, has landed himself smack in the middle of pop culture central, MTV. Aside from hosting VJ segments, going on remotes like Spring Break and others, Quddus is also a regular on MTV\'s most popular show, Total Request Live.

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